Marine Services



Specification & Design

Outline specification in initial stage of newbuilding- or retrofit projects. Basic design of small sized commercial ships (passenger ships, fishing boats, tugs, workboats etc.)

Advisor: Rules & Regulations

Advisor in matters related to Rules & Regulations (Class & Statutory)

Owners Representative & Survey

Owner’s representative and On-Site-survey.

Calculations & Design

Ship design calculations. Weight, Stability, Gross tonnage, Strength, Speed, Etc.

Project Log

R/V “Skagerak” – Research vessel for University of Gothenburg delivered.

SKAGERAK has been delivered to the University of Gothenburg seven years after keel-laying.

Keel-laying of SKAGERAK took place att Nauta Shipyard in Gdansk already 2014. Since then, the newbuilding project has suffered  from severe problems and delay. Among other problems, the vessel has been lengthened 3.6 m to comply with the stability criteri related to a “special purpose ship” certified for unrestricted service in international trade.

Following a take-over by the University o Gothenburg in March-2020, the vessel was moved to Falkvarv shipyard in August 2020 for completion. The vessel has now been delivered  as a Class- and Flag approved ship.

CORIOLIS AB was awarded the task to act as leader of the project management team in November 2019. Now, in July 2021, the completed vessel has been delivered to the Owner’s satisfaction.

Göteborgs Universitet

New ice-breaking escort tug, ”VILJA”, for Luleå Hamn AB delivered

VILJA was delivered from the Spanish shipyard Astilleros Gondan in Figueras, Asturias the last days of June. The delivery took place following successful sea trails in the waters outside Gijon on the Spanish north coast..

The bollard pull capacity of the vessel is 89 T at max mechanical power (5440 kW) and 98 T at max power with electrical boost added (6200 kW).

The vessel is the first of its kind where the operational (energy-) modes may be varied from mechanical-, to hybrid-, to electrical mode. The battery capacity is 600kWh but will probably be increased to 1200 kWh at a later stage.

CORIOLIS AB has been engaged throughout the project as Owner’s representative and superintendent on site at the Yard in Spain.

Luleå Hamn AB

Ice-breaking harbour- and escort tug with hybrid propulsion for Port of Luleå.

Port of Luleå has ordered a 36 metres long harbour- and escort tug with ice-breaking capability to assist with the increasing trade in the Bay of Botnia.. The vessel will have a bollard pull of 100 T . The two propulsion lines have a total power of 5440 kW. Using the onboard battery bank in hybrid mode will increase the total output to 6200 kW (8300 hp).

Astilleros Gondan in Asturia, Spain, has been appointed to build the vessel and delivery is scheduled for March, 2019.

CORIOLIS AB has assisted the technical department of Port of Luleå during the design- and specification phase as well as during the procurement process of the yard. Now, CORIOLIS has been awarded the contract to act as Owner’s representative and surveyor on site at yard throughout the project.

Luleå Hamn AB
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”FREYA” delivered from Karstensen’s Yard after retrofit

Master Mariner’s recently purchased ”Freya af Göteborg” has been delivered to Owner following completed retrofit at Karstensen’s Yard in Skagen, Denmark. The vessel has been upgraded from “cargo ship” to become certified according to the “special purpose code” as a SPS-vessel carrying 24 guests onboard. A new accommodation unit including 14 new beds in 7 cabins has been constructed and the general safety level of the ship has been increased to comply with the SPS-Code.

“Freya” will now leave for Svalbard where the trade will start to cruise with paying guests which are serving science and research purposes.

CORIOLIS has acted as the Owner’s naval architect, project leader and surveyor. All contacts with the Administration (STA), Class (RINA) and Yard have been handled by CORIOLIS.

Master Mariner AB

CORIOLIS AB participates in the design-team for Wave energy converter.

CORIOLIS AB has been appointed responsible for design, construction and inspection of the innovative wave energy converter “WaveEL”. The customer, Waves4Power AB, has been in business since early 1980’s in converting the energy from ocean waves into absolutely green electrical energy. The point absorber (buoy) is now successfully moored off the coastline of the Norwegian west-coast and has started to produce electricity.

The buoy is 8.0m in diameter and more than 40m high with an operational displacement of more than 100 metric tonnes.

CORIOLIS AB has also made all relevant calculations required for the marine operation when the buoy was lifted, launched and moored.

Waves4Power AB

CORIOLIS AB participates in newbuilding project for Västtrafik.

The two river shuttles, “Älveli” and “Älvfrida” are now delivered to Västtrafik. The ferries will be used for the river-crossing in the city centre of Gothenburg. Each vessel has a capacity of 298 passengers and 80 bicycles and is served by two crew members.

Main dimensions are 33.0m x 8.5m and the operational speed is approx. 8 knots.

CORIOLIS AB has acted as Västtrafik’s naval architect and owner’s representative during the procurement and newbuilding process.


CORIOLIS AB makes the stability assessment for Turkish vessels.

Turkish shipyard Özata has built a series of high speed, light craft passenger catamarans for the municipality of Izmir. Newbuilding numbers are 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32 and they are built in vacuum infused carbon/sandwich.

The vessels are certified acc. to the HSC2000-Code and are built in accordance with DNV’s HSLC-rules. They catamarans have a passenger capacity of 426 persons. Length x Beam is 38.9m x 11.6m and Speed (operational) is 20 knots.

The ferry boats will serve the public transportation in bay of Izmir, Turkey.

CORIOLIS AB has been engaged to produce the stability documentation, intact- as well as damaged stability calculations.

Özata Shipyard

Tug boat ”Max” gets new propulsion line and box cooling system.

Norrlands Sjöentreprenader AB, Härnösand-Sweden, upgrades its tug boat ”Max” by changing out the complete propulsion line (enginegearboxshaftpropeller) in order to obtain an increased bollard pull. ”Max” is also used as an ice-breaker where the improved bollard pull will increase the vessel’s performance.In order to avoid over-heating problems due to ice-plugged sea water inlets the vessel will be equipped with a new box-cooling system.CORIOLIS AB has been engaged to design the changes and reinforcements of the hull induced by the retrofit. In addition, all technical calculations such as strength-, stability- and thermal calculations, will be carried out by CORIOLIS.

Norrlands Sjöentreprenader AB, Härnösand-Sweden

The Næssund-ferry – A zero-emission ferry for Danish Owner.

Mors- & Thy Færgefart A/S has engaged CORIOLIS AB, together with Niels Hjørnet Yacht Design och Danish Yachts, to design a conceptual ferry for operation in Næssund, Limfjorden, Denmark. The energy consumption will be minimal and the propulsion will be fully electric using plug-in technology and energy storage onboard.The capacities will be 98 passengers and twelve private cars. It will also be possible to load one (1) truck (32T). One-leg journey is 1000 m which will take approx. 5 minutes using 8 knots speed.The vessel’s lightweight will be minimized using carbon fibre/sandwich construction (CFRP). In addition, all ship’s systems will be designed in a ”minmalistic” way in order to save weight.Due attention has been given to the hydrodynamic performance of the hull.Energy storage will be by means of batteries or supercapacacitors.

Mors- & Thy Færgefart A/S

CORIOLIS AB will act as Owner’s representative for Västtrafik.

Municipality of Gothenburg has, via Västtrafik, decided to order two double-ended shuttle ferries for the river-crossing in the city centre of Gothenburg. The ferries will have the capacity to carry 300 passengers and 80 bicycles. Main dimensions will be 30m x 8m and the operational speed will be approx. 8 knots.CORIOLIS has been engaged as Västtrafik’s naval architect during the procurement process and to represent Västtrafik at Yard during the newbuilding process.


CORIOLIS AB participates in a development project: Low-consuming, lightweight ferryboat built of carbon-fiber composite for EC’s Passenger-boat directive, Area D.

CORIOLIS AB has been appointed as design-leader for a new type of ferryboat, built of lightweight materials and with extremely low energy consumption. The ferryboat will operate in domestic waters, Area D, in accordance with EC’s Passengerboat directive.The project is cooperation between Swedish and Danish parties. Designers, yards and authorities participate to solve those obstacles which appear when materials of novel design are used in shipbuilding. A Danish shipowner has contributed with data from an existing ship, thus establishing a “reference ferry”. The objectives will be to design a low-consuming, lightweight ferryboat which can carry out the same transportation work as the “reference ferry” but to a substantially lower life cycle cost.Read more about the project at :, Swedish and Danish parties. Designers, yards and authorities.

CORIOLIS AB – m/s Birger Jarl to be upgraded to comply with fire safety rules acc. to SOLAS-74.

Passenger ship m/s “Birger Jarl” was built at Finnboda Shipyard, Stockholm, in 1953 as a SOLAS vessel (SOLAS-48). Following the fire accident at “Scandinavian Star” in 1992, rules regarding fire safety were changed and these stricter rules apply retro-actively for “Birger Jarl”.CORIOLIS AB, together with SP-Borås, have been appointed to suggest an action plan following a so called Regulation 17-analysis. (SOLAS Ch.II-2, Reg17, Alternative design).Additional fire protection measures are studied and evaluated in a risk-analysis, performed acc. to guidelines developed by IMO. The objectives are to maintain major parts of the beautiful interior decoration and instead introduce alternative safety measures to reach a level of equivalent safety.The retrofit will be done at Stockholm Repairyard.

m/s Birger Jarl

Spectacular ”capsizing” of barges using free surface effect.

Upon request from Norrlands Sjöentreprenader AB, Härnösand-Sweden, CORIOLIS AB has outlined a procedure for ”capsizing” two barges (180 degrees) to get them upside-down. The barges, owned by SKANSKA measure 45m x 10m and the displacement (each barge) is 166T.The purpose being to find a simple and cost-effective way to change out the bottom shell plating without dry-docking the barges.Using Archimedes principle, free surface effect and some high capacitiy pumps the ”rotation” was done in June, 2011. CORIOLIS AB participated in the roll as ”supervisor in charge of the procedure”.

Norrlands Sjöentreprenader AB, Härnösand-Sweden

Fishing tour vessel ”Clipper af Varberg” to be upgraded acc. to EC’s passenger boat directive, Area B.

ELBE’s Fiske & Marin AB has decided to upgrade its fishing tour vessel ”Clipper af Varberg” in accordance with EC’s passenger boat directive, Area B.The vessel operates on the westcoast of Sweden from Malmö to Strömstad and has capacity to carry 45 passengers.”Clipper” is built of wood (oak) in 1967 at Fredrikssund shipyard, Denmark. Following retrofit, she will comply with the Directive’s rules for damaged stability. In addition to installing watertight bulkheads, also new fire main system and bilge water system will be installed.CORIOLIS AB has been engaged to design the watertight bulkheads and the shipborne systems. All related calculations, including the damaged stability calculations, will be carried out by CORIOLIS.

ELBE’s Fiske & Marin AB

CORIOLIS AB design extension to existing superstructure for 30’000 DWT m/t MARILINE.

Marinvest KB has acquired 30’000 DWT Chemical tanker “Mariline”, built in Japan 1996. In the company’s ambition for environmental friendly and economical solutions, the existing inert gas scrubber will be changed out in favor of a new N2-generator plant.For this purpose, an approx. 400 m3 extension to the existing superstructure must be designed and constructed.The job will be carried out at Chengxi Shipyard, China.On behalf of Marinvest KB, Coriolis AB have produced steel structure drawings and machinery systems drawings and had it approved by Class (DNV).


Styrsöbolaget’s newbuilding “RIVÖ” delivered from yard in Norway

Swedish ferry operator Styrsöbolaget has ordered two high speed catamarans, carbon/sandwich, at Brödrene Aa’s Yard in Hyen, Norway. The newbuilding-numbers are NB259 & 260.NB 259 “VALÖ” was delivered in April this year.Now, also NB 260 “RIVÖ” has been handed over to the Owner.The vessel will commence her operation end of September. Like her sister vessel, the ferry boat will serve the southern part of the archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden, inhabited by some 5000 persons.CORIOLIS has been engaged as Owner’s naval architect and to represent Styrsöbolaget towards DNV, Flag (Transportstyrelsen) and Yard during the newbuilding process.


CORIOLIS AB will act as Owner’s representative for Styrsöbolaget.

Swedish ferry operator Styrsöbolaget has ordered two high speed catamarans, carbon/sandwich, at Brödrene Aa’s Yard in Hyen, Norway. The newbuilding-numbers are NB259 & 260.The vessels will be certified acc. to the HSC2000-Code and will be built in accordance with DNV’s HSLC-rules. The catamarans will have a passenger capacity of 163 persons. Length x Beam is 27,0m x 8.4m and Speed (operational) is 28 knots.The ferry boats will serve the southern part of the archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden, inhabited by some 5000 persons.CORIOLIS has been engaged as Owner’s naval architect and to represent Styrsöbolaget towards DNV, Flag (Transportstyrelsen) and Yard during the newbuilding process.


WALONA to be upgraded for EC Directive 98/18/EG (Passenger ship directive).

CORIOLIS AB has been hired to investigate and analyze rules and regulations to be fulfilled before July 1:st, 2010. Compliance with the rules is required for continuous operation as a passenger vessel in area C in accordance with EC Directive 98/18/EG.WALONA is built in 1985 in GRP plastic and her main particulars are: LxB: 30.70m x 8.22m. Passenger capacity is 250 pass.Among several studies, Intact stability booklet and Damaged stability calculations have been re-calculated and re-issued for approval.


“Sjöräddningssällskapets” 16 meters-class rescue vessels get new Stability documentation.

Swedish organization “Sjöräddningssällskapet” (SSRS) has hired CORIOLIS AB to renew the Stability documentation for the four sister vessels of SSRS’ 16-meters class.The rescue vessels named “Märta Collin”, “Elsa Johansson”, “Sparbanken Tanum” and “Odd Fellow” are all built at Swedeship Composite in GRP plastic in a sandwich construction.Following inclining experiments, new Trim- and Stability Booklets will be produced for each vessel respectively.


Mr SHOPPY ONE to fly Swedish flag, international voyage (SOLAS).

Swedish owner ORVELINE AB has acquired former Greek flagged ro-pax vessel “Mr.Shoppy One” to be put in operation between Strömstad (Sweden) and Sarpsborg (Norway).The vessel was before certified as EC-passenger ship, area D, but will now be SOLAS-classed for areas with significant wave height < 1.50m.The ship has a capacity to carry 387 passengers.Loading capacity of cars will be increased with a new fixed ’tween deck and two hoistable ramps. With the new ‘tweendeck installed the loading capacity will be 75 cars + 2 coaches.CORIOLIS AB has been engaged by the Owner for the design of ‘tweendeck and ramps. In addition, CORIOLIS AB will carry out all required calculations and analysis including Intact- and Damaged stability calculations.

Orveline AB

CORIOLIS AB assists in developing Marinvest’s Alternative Propulsion System (MAP).

Marinvest Engineering AB has developed a system for alternative propulsion (Take-Me-Home), primarily for 2-stroke diesel engines directly driven (no reduction gear). The system has been installed, tested and fine-tuned on Marinvest’s new series of 80’000 TDW Panamax tankers built at Brodosplit Shipyard in Split, Croatia. The hull numbers are NB 448-451 and the vessels are built in the period 2006-2008.CORIOLIS AB has been engaged to do the mechanical design of the propulsion system, including mechanical- and strength calculations. In addition, CORIOLIS AB has been responsible to bring the novel design through the Class approval process.


CORIOLIS AB will represent CroisiEurope in new Cruise liner project.

CORIOLIS has been appointed to represent the Owner (CroisiEurope) in relation to Class society, Flag state and Yard when the ship is built at Yard in Belgium.The vessel, “La Belle de l’Adriatique”, will be classified for “unrestricted service” as a SOLAS ship. The 110 m long ship will operate as a cruise liner in the Adriatic Sea carrying 200 passengers.The Owner, CroisiEurope, is based in France. However, the ship will fly the Belgian flag.


CORIOLIS AB participates in VINNOVA-financed LASS-project

CORIOLIS has extended its know-how and experience in Lightweight-design by participating in the government supported (VINNOVA) project LASS.A competence platform has been established and the understanding of Lightweight design has been increased.Technical universities, Research institutes and Companies working in the marine business have worked together in this successful project.Special consideration has been paid to Fire safety aspects of Lightweight materials.